10 Marathons in 10 Tagen

Hi! We are Marina aka @ marathon.princess and Phine from Marathon Travels.

Together we will run the route from Munich to Wiesbaden from May 31 to June 9. 421 km. 10 marathons. One every day. Sounds crazy? It is!

But behind every crazy plan there is a good cause at Marathon Travels. Read for yourself - here we explain step by step who we are, why we do it and what our goal is.


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About Marina

Marina alias @ marathon.princess is an ultra marathon, start-up founder and enthusiastic globetrotter. At home in Munich, but somehow all over the world, she has already run marathons on every continent, lived in Mexico until recently and still has one project after the other. So far she has crossed 42 marathon finish lines, planted many thousands of trees and raised five-digit amounts for charities.

About Phine

Phine- actually Josephine is a runner, master's student (hopefully not much longer), brand ambassador and event and project manager at Marathon Travels. She has her base in beautiful Innsbruck, but has already lived in Germany, Spain and the Emirates. But no matter where it was before - one thing is always the same - as soon as the suitcases are unpacked, the area is explored continuously.

About Marathon Travels

Starting a travel agency during Corona is difficult. Very difficult to be precise. That is why we have made it our task to let our participants run (for the time being) virtually through the world. Our running mottos change every month - we've been to India, Portugal, Finland and many other countries. We also donate to a local charity every month.

about the project

10 days. 10 marathons. 421 kilometers. 10,000 euros donations. Donations going to the Crohn's Disease Foundation. In Germany alone, 400,000 suffer from Crohn's disease. An incurable bowel disease. With our donation goal, we want to support research in order to enable those affected to heal as soon as possible. 421 kilometers hurt. And we will definitely suffer. But so do those with Crohn's disease. That is why we want to use this project to draw attention to the disease and collect as many donations as possible together!

Run with us!

Who likes to run alone !? At least we don't! That's why you can be there too! Register with Marathon Travels for our Ultimate Challenge. Become a streak runner too and run every day from 31.5-9.6! Of course, it doesn't have to be a marathon, it can also be 5km, 10km or any other distance. The main thing is every day. At the end you will receive a medal from us with your engraved running result and your name! And also a great goodie bag from our partners.

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