Total donations so far:

5,800 EURO

Fourth virtual run

Active giving


Do good for yourself and for the planet


Together with Active Giving, we will transform your calories burned and kilometers traveled into newly planted trees. We plant a tree for every kilometer we walk! There is no planet B and we make our contribution to environmental protection.

second virtual run

THIRD virtual run

German Cancer Aid Foundation


Strong for life - together against cancer.

We want to make our own contribution to helping. To research. And to inform ”. Therefore, this time the donation goes to the German Cancer Aid Foundation. We want to set an example and support the fight against cancer.


Donation amount:

1,000 EURO

Second virtual run

Visions 4 children


This time, 3 euros of each registration go to , a small association from Hamburg that wants to improve the education of children around the world. The desire to donate to this facility came directly from the community.



Donation amount:

2,700 euros

First virtual run

WHO International


The World Health Organization is the United Nations' coordinating agency for international public health. In the corona crisis in particular, WHO has played a crucial role in the global fight against the virus.


Donation amount:

2,100 euros