We are a Munich start-up with heart


Marina /

The boss

Marina is not only the founder but also the heart of Marathon Travels. For the community, she is willing to give up sleep, training and putting on make-up. She already completed 38 what makes her a super experienced runner with expertise. In addition to ordering meals and planning celebrations, Marina is primarily responsible for the strategic direction and working with sponsors and companies.

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Mia / The all-rounder

Shoot and edit the perfect photo, satisfy customers and pack 13 packages at the same time - a normal working day for Mia. The chick in the group is enthusiastic about every task and is always ready to start with her big smile. Mia is actually responsible for product development, but to be honest, she is the one who is throwing the company.

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Fabian /

The Lord of Numbers

"Let daddy do it" -it's quite usual to hear that expression from Fabian. Especially when it comes to Excel lists, statistics or anything with numbers. Thanks to Corona, the longtime soccer player started to run on a decent level. Next big goal is his first marathon.

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Leo / The Office Dog & Best Man

Leo is the good soul of the company. Leo symbolizes our community because he gives us love back every day. This beagle is not just the main attraction of every lunch break. No, Leo is there for you even when things are not going well.