Image by Zan



3rd virtual marathon

With over 350 runners, we collected over 1,000 euros for German cancer aid during this fast run. In the 5k and 10k races, over 50 athletes achieved their best time on the respective route. This time we had a great community experience at the pasta party, the run together and yoga with Insa the day after.


2nd virtual marathon

Over 900 runners from 26 nations took part in the second run. After a spaghetti carbonara (with a vegan option) was cooked together on Saturday evening, we ran together on Pentecost Sunday. As always, we had a lot of personal records, great runs, a lot of endorphins and of course a lot of fun.

1st virtual marathon

Our first run together was at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic and the curfew. Over 650 runners took part, set up PRs, and were encouraged by this run in difficult times. We had runners who ran 10 kilometers on their balcony, runners who ran their first marathon, and most importantly, we all had a lot of fun as a community.

We have collected over 2,000 euros and sent it to the WHO. But that was just the beginning of the story we write together.